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What’s actually in your tap water? It’s not uncommon for municipal water sources to have an unpleasant odor or taste, sometimes caused by chlorine used in water treatment plants or contaminants that can sneak into the water supply. Even if contaminant levels are totally safe (you can verify this by contacting your local water supplier to ask for a copy of their Consumer Confidence Report) bad tastes or smells can make drinking from the tap less than appealing.

“THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Agency (EPA) says that while Ireland’s drinking water remains significantly pure there are over 1 million people “vulnerable to failure”.

In its annual report, the EPA found that 99.9% of samples complied with bacterial parameter limits, and 99.6% complied with chemical limits.

However, 67 boil water notices were in place in 2019, affecting more than 650,000 people while 52 treatment plants supplying water to over one million people are vulnerable to failure, according to the agency’s annual report. The EPA said increasing uncertainty in Irish Water’s “planning and delivery of critical improvements to water treatment plants are making supplies vulnerable to failure, posing a risk to the health of a large portion of the population”.
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Fortunately, there is a wide variety of water filtrations that can offer assistance, from pitchers you store in your fridge to options installed directly to mains under the sink. Underneath we’ve pulled together a list of the leading water filters you’ll be able purchase, with a number of diverse needs and budgets in mind.

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3-Way & 4-Way Water Filter Taps
Our range of high-quality tri flow taps gives you your ordinary hot water, cold mains water, and filtered water all from one tap

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RW Tri Flow Taps

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