Hydrogen Water


Our HidroLogik is a molecular hydrogen generator that infuses hydrogen gas into pure water using a Proton exchange membrane.

€2245.00 Unit Only | €2495.00 including installation | Service €5 per month
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What is Hydrogen Water?

One of the building blocks of life.

Hydrogen is one of the oldest and most abundant molecules in the universe…. But did you know it may have the power to benefit every cell in your body.

Overwhelming scientific evidence

Over 1000+ peer- reviewed studies and scientific articles support the therapeutic effects of H2.

Benefits for over 170 diseases

The benefits of H2 have been noted in over 1000+ peer-reviewed, scientific studies, and articles. These studies show evidence that H2 may have strong potential benefits within the whole body for over 170 diseases.

Is a Hydrogen generator which works alongside your Pro Elite purifier and infuses molecular hydrogen gas up to 1.6ppm into your drinking water.

Hydrogen is number 1 on the periodic table it is a colourless, odorless, tasteless nontoxic gas found in nature as H2. The only byproduct of hydrogen in the body is Pure water leaving it 100% safe.

Drinking hydrogen water has therapeutic benefits on over 170 diseases eg.
Parkinsons| Arthritis | Dementia |Alzheimhers | Acne | Aging
For independent studies please click here:  www.molecularhydrogenstudies.com

Natures most powerful Anti-Oxident, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-aging substance all from one source at your kitchen sink.

10 ways H2 can promote wellness……and enhance your performance.

  1. H2 is a selective antioxidant, scavenging only the most toxic free radicals while avoiding those which are essential to the body.
  2. H2 reduces excessive oxidative stress, but ONLY under conditions leading to the destruction and damage of our cells.
  3. H2 can easily penetrate any cell, neutralizing certain intracellular free radicals that most other antioxidants are unable to reach.
  4. H2 can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and enter neurons to effectively neutralize oxidative stress and combat brain inflammation.
  5. H2 activates the NRF2 pathway, the body’s most powerful antioxidant self-defense system against free radicals.
  6. H2 reduces excess free radical formation by down-regulating the NADPH oxidase system when necessary.
  7. H2 helps improve cell signaling, which has beneficial metabolic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cell death properties.
  8. H2 regulates the expression of over 200 biomolecules, including over 1,000 variations of gene expression.
  9. H2 down-regulates the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which are involved with promoting systemic inflammation.
  10. The byproduct of the reaction between H2 and the toxic hydroxyl radical is nothing but pure water. No toxic byproducts whatsoever.