About 1 month after having my RO filtration system installed I noticed my 8-year-old coming home from school with full water bottles. When I asked her why she wasn’t drinking the new water, she told me her teacher filled the bottle with water from school and she didn’t like it anymore. She will only drink the water from our house! She noticed the difference, I noticed it & the whole family noticed it.

Leo Daniel Ryan – Drogheda

As a theatre and venue Renewell Water has helped us face into a brighter future free off bought plastic bottles. Their filtration system has brought us clean water and together we achieve that dream of a world without plastic bottles.

The New Theatre – Dublin 2

I am so pleased I got the Renewell system. I don’t have to carry heavy plastic bottles and I am glad not to be adding to the plastic pollution problem. The water tastes so pure, anyone visiting the house comments on it. As I need tto avoid fluoride because I have a thyroid problem, I have really noticed the benefits to my health from drinking clean, fluoride – free water. The service is also reliable and very reasonably priced. I only wish I had got it sooner!

Marion O’Dwyer – Clontarf

I can honestly say my experience with Renewell Water has been very positive on all occasions over the last 8 years. Pleasant, friendly, efficient, experienced and knowledgeable staff have added to this experience answering all my queries plus giving time to share information on new products. I feel the health benefits are enormous and I can be assured my tap water is clean and chemical free.

Imelda Browne- Balbriggan

For over 12 years I have enjoyed clean drinking water with Renewell. I would be lost without it. Renewell have given me excellent service since the system was installed and I would highly recommend it.

Marcella McGeough – Swords

I am delighted with my RO filtration system. Water quality is very important to me and I know when I see the condition of the filters when they are changed during the servicing how many toxins and chemicals I’ve been saved from. Renewell Water are a fantastic company to deal with, with very knowledgeable, reliable and friendly staff. They’re all so very productive in following up when services are due which is great as it’s very easy to forget in this busy world we live in!

Anna Carrigan – South Dublin

In Sept 2017 we got our system installed and we never looked back, best move we ever made. Service was super. Service technician couldn’t do enough for us. Came when supposed to and very efficient. Had the filters change and nothing was a problem. Brilliant company, service and staff. No hesitation in recommending this company.

Liz O’Hara – Clare

Excellent!! Very proactive in annual service reminders, staff always so courteous and helpful. Service done with minimal disruption every year.

Ann Marie Cox – Dublin

Thank you so much for my water filter system the difference in the taste is unbelievable. Installation was quick and clean and I highly recommend anyone to get this done. Peace of mind for the whole family with clean healthy drinking water. Thanks again.