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We believe in something simple. Drinking more water makes you feel good and helps keep you healthy. Our exclusive slimline Pro Elite systems deliver purer, safer, tastier water every time.

Our systems are fully guaranteed, and all installed with our 5-star customer service experience.

H2O On Tap 

The Easiest & Cost Effective way to getting pure water straight from your tap, and Environmental Friendly.


Our Pro Elite systems have many smart features like a leak sensor alarm and auto shut off, ultra slimline design and a built in micro computer display for your water quality reading.


Our qualified technician will connect your Pro Elite system to the water mains meaning you get a constant supply of pure, great tasting water 24 hours a day.


Our Pro Elite systems removes substances like Fluoride,Chlorine, THM’s, Bacteria and much more, giving you pure water right at your kitchen sink.


The removal of chemicals and toxins means that your water will always taste clean, crisp and refreshing.

Our Top Sellers

Pro Elite 1 Water Filtration System

Our Elite 1 is an ultra slimline 5 stage reverse osmosis purifier designed for households with space in mind. It is the most compact and effective purifier on the market today.

This brand-new filtration technology has an inbuilt microcomputer to let you know when your system needs to be serviced, has a blockage or has any other problem.

  •  24 hr water quality digital display.
  • 24 hr leak sensor alarm with shut off
  • Stylish faucet

€399.00 unit only | €995.00 including installation | Service €12.50 per month.

All prices include VAT.


Pro Elite 2 Water Filtration System

The elite 2 water purifier gives you pure water on tap 24/7 from a more traditional style system
Guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THMS, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E-Coli, Chloroforms, Iron, Manganese, Plastic Microfibers, Trace Medications and much more!

Includes 24 hr water quality reading.

Has an inbuilt microcomputer to let you know when your system needs to be serviced, has a blockage or has any other problem.

€599.00 unit only | €849.00 including installation | Service €12.50 per month.

All prices include VAT.


Pro Elite 3 Water Filtration System

Our Elite 3 combines space saving with maximum filtration.

This 5 stage purifier with it’s inbuilt microcomputer is the world’s smartest water purifier for unrivaled water purity.

– 24 h r water quality digital display.
– Guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THMS, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E-Coli, Chloroforms, Iron, Manganese, Plastic Microfibers, Trace Medications and much more!
– Includes: 24 hr Water quality reading & 24 hr leak sensor.

€995.00 unit only | €1245.00 including installation | Service €12.50 per month.

All prices include VAT.


Pro Elite 4 Water Filtration System

Our Elite 4 combines maximum filtration with a Vortex living water revitalizer.
This 7 stage purifier with its in built microcomputer, fully touch screen digital display, Vortex living water revitalizer, and auto flush membrane. Gives you 100% pure living energized water.

It gives you pure water on tap 24/7.

Guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THMS, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E-Coli, Chloroforms, Iron, Manganese, Plastic Microfibers, Trace Medications and much more!

The only purifier to have an in built Vortex living water revitalizer to create living energized pure water.

€1440 unit only | €1690 including installation | Service €13.50 per month.

All prices include VAT.


Elite H2 Water Filtration System


Elite H2 is a combination of the Pro Elite 4 living water system and our Hydrogen generator. This combination is guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THM’s, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E Coli, Chloroform’s, Iron, Plastic Microfibers, Trace medications and much more.


After bringing your water back to pure the hydrogen generator then goes to work on infusing natures most powerful antioxidant molecular hydrogen (H2) Into your pure water in the form of a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. H2 is natures most smallest molecule and most powerful antioxidant which is 100% safe and natural. With therapeutic effects on over 170 diseases.


It is the perfect anti aging device as it seeks out oxidizing free radicals in the body and scavenges them. Also great for anti inflammatory and faster recovery from injuries. Our Hydrogen generator has up to 4 times more hydrogen content in water at Minimum 1.2 to maximum 1.6 ppm than most Kangen Ionizers at 0.4 ppm.


After bringing the water back to pure then Infusing it with molecular hydrogen the water is then past through a Vortex revitalizer which energizes and gives life force back to your water before exiting the system. This we believe is the most powerful form of water that can touch your lips for ones health.


€3240.00 unit only | €3490.00 including installation | Service €16.25 per month.

All prices include VAT.


Hydrogen Water


The Hidrolodgik is for existing customers and is the ultimate addition to your Pro Elite system.

Our HidroLogik is a molecular hydrogen generator that infuses hydrogen gas into pure water using a Proton exchange membrane.

One of the building blocks of life.
Hydrogen is one of the oldest and most abundant molecules in the universe…. But did you know it may have the power to benefit every cell in your body.

Overwhelming scientific evidence
Over 1000+ peer- reviewed studies and scientific articles support the therapeutic effects of H2.

Benefits for over 170 diseases
The benefits of H2 have been noted in over 1000+ peer-reviewed, scientific studies, and articles. These studies show evidence that H2 may have strong potential benefits within the whole body for over 170 diseases.

€2245.00 unit only | €2495.00 including installation | Service €5 per month.

All prices include VAT.


How It Works

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What Are Our Customers Saying?

Aquabion Limescale Preventer

Shower Filter

Questions And Answers

  1. How Does It Work?

    Fitted to your mains cold water, near your kitchen sink it works using a pump to push water through 5 stages of  filtration. Each filter does a different job in the purification process. The filters we use are of the highest standard.  When it comes to water we don’t mess around. You deserve the best. 

    See the video of a unit here​. 

  2. Where Does The Tap Go?

    Normally in the corner of your sink or on the edge of a worktop, however you can choose one of our tri-flow taps  which start from as little as €260. There are 7 to choose from see the range here

  3. Do I Have To Have a Separate Tap?

    No see the options for an integrated Tri-flow above.

  4. What Size Is It?

    The Pro Elite 1 measures for the unit: 41 cm x 38 cm x 15 cm for those who have converted! The tank measures in  diameter 170 cm and height 280 cm although the tank can be put on it’s side.    The Pro Elite 2 measures for the filter block 25 cm x 19 cm x 45 cm and for the tank 28 cm in diameter and 38 cm in  height although the tank can be put on it’s side.   

    Tight on space? Don’t worry we can re-size shelves, take the bottom out of presses, or even sight the machine in a  press many metres away!    The Pro Elite 3,4 measure or 41 cm x 38 cm x 25 cm with an integrated tank.

  5. I’ve a Limescale Problem Will It Fix That?

    It’ll eliminate it 100% in your ​drinking​ water. The most important thing to consider when you’ve a limescale problem  isn’t just your washing machine or kettle it’s how that lime is building up in you! You’ll also not have to de-scale the  kettle, replace your stained glasses and have pure drinking water on tap. Want a whole house solution? Ask about  our Aquabions or Water Softeners on 042-9420517.

  6. What is Reverse Osmosis?

    Reverse Osmosis, commonly abbreviated to RO, is a water treatment method traditionally known for removing salt from seawater, it is also used to purify drinking water by forcing untreated water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane has a tight pore structure that effectively removes up to 99% of all contaminants and impurities such as total dissolved solids, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from drinking water. Anti-microbial filters used in Reverse Osmosis also help to remove unwanted odours, colours and tastes from water. The result is pure, clean, drinking water.

  7. How does a Reverse Osmosis System work?

    Although Reverse Osmosis seems like a complex system it is really a simple and straightforward water filtration process. Of all methods to purify water for domestic use, the process of using reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective.

    RO is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids are removed from the water. This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semipermeable membrane, the membrane has the astounding quality of attracting water molecules and repelling dissolved impurities, even those smaller than the water molecules themselves. The membrane, which is about as thick as cellophane, allows only the water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates.

  8. What does a Reverse Osmosis System remove?

    Reverse Osmosis successfully removes dissolved minerals and metals such as; Fluoride, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Aluminium, Ammonium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Strontium, Cadmium, Silver, Mercury, Barium, Chromium, Lead, Chloride, Bicarbonate, Nitrate, Fluoride, Silicate, Phosphate, Chromate, Cyanide, Sulfate, Thiosulfate, Ferrocyanide, Bromide, Borate, Arsenic, Selenium, Trihalomethanes.

    Reverse Osmosis Systems are very commonly used following water softeners for sodium removal.

  9. How often do I need to change the filters on my Reverse Osmosis System?

    Once a year. Depending on the quality of your water, some filters may need to be changed every six month. Renewell Water will notify you when it is time to replace your filters.

  10. What is hard water and what causes hard water?

    Hard water is water which contains dissolved chalk, lime and other minerals. Rainwater is naturally soft but as it percolates through chalk and limestone in the earth, it dissolves and collects those minerals.

    Limescale consists of calcium salt crystals which can prove harmful to those who have sensitive skin and hair problems. In Ireland 60{eba993b4cbd3e36f7a9d9c70fbe9fba3889f5ef8d7f5a52cda53356c86678ad0} of homes actually suffer from hard water. The size of the problem for you may be different than that of someone living close to you due to a number of different factors.

    When hard water is heated, these crystals begin to separate and spread out on to nearby surfaces and form a layer of scale. This formation slows down water flow and operation of pipework.

    The same process happens in appliances such as kettles, coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers and heating systems which reduces efficiency and life span.

    Limescale formation around taps and showerheads is unsightly and unhygienic.

    Limescale combined with chlorine causes major skin irritation.

    How can I find out if my water is hard? Hard water is supplied to 60{eba993b4cbd3e36f7a9d9c70fbe9fba3889f5ef8d7f5a52cda53356c86678ad0} of homes in Ireland, as you will see on the map. We can test your water to get an accurate reading on the total hardness

  11. How can this be improved?

    A water softener can be installed, this will service all  the water that comes into your home, it will transform the water that you use at home. It is essential you understand that whilst you will have soft water it will only remove the limescale and still need to deal with the other impurities in your water.

    Such water softeners require a fair degree of skill to install, our registered plumbers are highly experienced.  Once installed the water softeners in our range are and inexpensive to maintain, they require no annual servicing and the machines in our range are very economical when it comes to the salt they consume.

    People who install a water softener find that the savings are substantial. As a home improvement they have a payback of approximately 5 years*. They also in certain circumstances can qualify for the home improvement grant available in Ireland

  12. How does a water softener work?

    The water softeners in our range are ion exchange systems. In these systems, hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) are exchanged for salt (sodium or potassium) ions. The exchange takes place within the resin tank of the water softener. When water flows through the tank it comes in contact with small resin beads that are covered with salt ions. As water flows through the resin beads, hardness ions trade places with salt ions, hence the higher salt content in softened water.

    As larger volumes of water are softened, the beads become exhausted and contain nothing but hardness ions . The beads are recharged by adding bags of salt to the brine tank. Recharging works the same as softening but in reverse. The hardness ions swap places with the salt ions in the brine tank and excess minerals are rinsed into the wastewater drain.

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