Traditional / EQ-5


  • EQ-5 Reverse Osmosis €249
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Traditional / EQ-5

Are you worried about your water? Do you have an issue with the taste or quality of your tap water?  

Renewell Water has the answer.

Most people these days are more aware of issues with water and have taken steps to improve the quality they consume. Be it using a jug filter or even purchasing bottled water. Unfortunately the inconvenience and high cost usually restricts their use.

Many people find the taste of water unpleasant due mainly to the presence of chlorine. The chlorine may also cause further taste issues as it combines with organic and inorganic compounds generally found in the supply water.

Many people now install a drinking water filter for better water quality, there are three main types of filtration systems available. The types of drinking water filter for improvement depends how many impurities you want to be left in.

So how can this be improved?

A drinking water filter can be installed, and a separate tap fitted, it will transform the water that you and your family drink.

Such drinking water filter systems are easy to install and inexpensive to maintain, from as little as 42c a day.

People who install a drinking water filter find that the amount of water consumed increases substantially. We are all advised to drink more water and with the right solution, in your home this becomes easier with Renewell Water’s help.

Not only will your drinking water improve, water for cooking, drinks, homebrewing, fish tanks and even flowers will benefit from the use of water filtration or purification.

How do they work?

Drinking water filtration systems mainly use activated carbon, these may be powdered carbon or moulded blocks. The activated carbon filters work fantastically well for the taste of your water. They also help reduce organic and some inorganic impurities from the water.

Activated carbon in the main cannot effectively eliminate water hardness (which contributes to film on tea and coffee). It also only offers a limited or no improvement in the reduction of inorganic compounds for example; Aluminium, fluoride, nitrates etc.

Generally, a drinking water filter improves the taste of tap water.

For those people who wish to reduce all the impurities found in the water supply, Water Distillation or Reverse Osmosis water purifying systems  are the best options.

Water purification

Purification utilises reverse osmosis (link here to FAQ reverse osmosis) technology. This will give the benefits of the activated carbon filtration systems and that of distillation. Most systems available employ two activated carbon filters together with a semi permeable membrane. The membrane will assist in the effective reduction of inorganic impurities, which the carbon filter will not. Unlike the distillation systems the reverse osmosis system will provide a convenient supply of treated water to a separate tap.

  • All the functionality of our best sellers just a bit bigger
  • Uses traditional technology to produce pure water
  • Sturdy build, warrantied for 2 years