• Hague 380 Water Softener €
  • Certified Professional Installation €
  • 10 years extended Renewell Water warranty FREE

Our Pro Elite 3 is the highest capacity compact reverse osmosis water purify in our range, designed by Renewell Water specifically for UK and Irish homes with growing families. It’s ideal for small businesses and has the power to pump pure water into your fridge.



This is our largest capacity domestic water softener it is the only one on the market that has a built in chlorine filter coupled with industry leading performance and packed with features.
The Hague 380 will adequately cope with the water demands of between 1-10 people. Hand assembled in the US the Hague Maximizer 718 will give you soft chlorine free water for decades.

  • Valve head incorporates a by-pass valve / service valve, simply turn the dial to the required setting.
  • Simple and easy set up procedure, operates in 3 languages and retains cycle settings even through power cuts.
  • Self-cleaning in-built pre-filter, filtering down to 20 micron with no maintenance or cartridge change required.
  • Safety shut off valve to prevent overflows.
  • Patented mineral vessel with screened distributor allows for more resin capacity and efficient back-washing cycle eliminating the need for a second mineral tank.
  • The grid plate in the segregated brine tank compartment provides a clear well area ensuring consistent brine concentration.
  • Uses block or tablet salt.
  • Softens, filters
  • Chlorine filter
  • Maximum ferrous iron reduction 10ppm