Aquabion Limescale Preventer


AQUABION is the Eco-friendly salt-free water treatment for tackling Limescale.

  • The AQUABION operates completely without external electricity, maintenance costs or any chemicals
  • The AQUABION is always active when installed.
  • The AQUABION has an operating life of 5-7 years, depending on water quality for single pass operation and up to 5 years circular flow. After this period it is necessary to replace the active anode in order to maintain best results.
  • The AQUABION can be installed centralized or decentralized for optimal efficiency and economy.
  • The AQUABION can also be installed in circular systems such as water heaters or cooling tower systems.
  • The AQUABION operates in a completely environmentally friendly way.
  • The AQUABION is available in sizes from 1/4” to 10” or more and water flow between 0,2 m 3/h to 330 m 3/h.
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