Water Purifier

Pro Elite 4

Our Elite 4 combines maximium filtration with a Vortex living water revitaliser. This 6 stage purifier with its in built microcomputer, fully touch screen digital display, Vortex living water revitaliser, and auto flush membrame. Gives you 100% pure living energised water.

€1440 unit only | €1690 including installation | Service €13.50 per month.
All prices include VAT.

Pro Elite 4

The ELITE 4 water purifier gives you pure water on tap 24/7.

The only purifier to have an in built Vortex living water revitaliser to create living energised pure water

Guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THMS, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E-Coli, Chloroforms, Iron, Manganese, Plastic Microfibres, Trace Medications and much more!

Includes: 24hr Water quality reading & 24hr leak sensor.

Full touch screen digital display

Auto flush membrane

Can be connected to tri-flow tap and American style fridges.

Flow rate of up to 2 litres a minute.

Purer than jug filtered and bottled water, the reverse osmosis (RO) purification process removes 100% of disease-causing microorganisms and 99.99% of organics, 96% lead, 70-98% heavy metals, 70% nitrates found in Irish & UK tap water

Maximum daily output of 144liters, under ideal conditions.
Tank capacity is 8 liters with an available volume of 4.8liters
Auto flush membrane

The Elite 4 fits neatly into a standard 600 mm kitchen cabinet.
Width 24.5cm x depth 39cm x height 39cm

1st Stage: Sediment Filter RW-05 consisting of PP (polypropylene). Removes sediments, rust, asbestos, sand and silt. Filter change every 12 months.

2nd Stage: CARBON BLOCK FILTER RW-33 CTO: Pre filter consisting of a high-quality activated carbon block filter (CTO). Safely reduces chlorine, chemicals and other harmful organic compounds and protects the membrane. Filter change every 12 months.

3rd Stage: SEDIMENT FILTER RW-01: Pre-filter consisting of PP (polypropylene) with a size of 0.001 of a micron. It removes dirt, sand and sediments. Filter change every 12 months

4th Stage: TFC RO MEMBRANE-RW-RO50 TFC RO 50 Membrane for molecular filtration. Removes impurities larger than 0.0001 μm, such as heavy metals, uranium, hormones, harmful chemicals, as well as organic and inorganic compounds. Thanks to a pressure-regulating pump, a rejection rate of up to 99% is achieved. Membrane change every 12-24 months, depending on the quality of water input, pressure and temperature.

5th Stage: POST CARBON-RW34 Taste and odur polishing filter. With burnt coconut shell (GAC), the taste and smell of the purified water is neutralized and optimized. Absorbs residual chemicals that may still be present. Filter change every 12 months.

6th Stage: REMINERALIZATION / PH FILTER. Remineralization conditioning filter , pH stabilization, Main Ingredients Calcium Carbonate / Calcite Ca [CO3] embedded in pH-stabilizing activated carbon from coconut shell. Filter change every  12 months. This filter is optional please request further information.

7th Stage: VORTEX LIVING WATER REVITALISER. This simple tool, as its name indicates, creates a vortex while water passes through a field-reversing magnetic array.  Within minutes, it transforms ion-rich water into full-spectrum living water.

Water is energized by movement and by turbulence. When water moves, it naturally spirals, breaking away from each obstacle with a spin (vortex).  Spinning ions (charged particles) within the water create tiny magnetic fields that push other ions away, keeping them separate and more biologically available.

As water spirals through the field-reversing array in the Vortex Magnetizer, groupings of unorganized water molecules break apart and realign again and again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured/liquid crystalline water. Each time the water spins through the opening, a greater degree of coherence is established. When the water stops, the geometric pattern (water’s organized molecular structure) remains.

Our Pro elite systems remove substances like Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Aluminium, THM’s, Bacteria and much more,
Giving you pure water right at your kitchen sink. 

Separate Tap

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If you do not want to have our separate tap, you can choose to get one from our range of free-flow taps simply
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Pro Elite 1

Our Pro Elite systems removes substances like fluoride, chlorine, THM’s, bacteria and much more, giving you pure water right at your kitchen sink

Pro Elite 2

Our Pro Elite systems removes substances like fluoride, chlorine, THM’s, bacteria and much more, giving you pure water right at your kitchen sink

Pro Elite 3

Our Pro Elite systems removes substances like fluoride, chlorine, THM’s, bacteria and much more, giving you pure water right at your kitchen sink

Are you worried about your water? Do you have an issue with the
taste or quality of your tap water?

Renewell Water has the answer.

We have designed our Elite range of purifiers to fit neatly under your kitchen sink, with a separate metal free faucet or a stylish tri-flow tap we change the way you drink water for good.

Giving you pure H2O on tap for drinking, cooking, washing veg, boiling your kettle etc.

Say good bye to bad smells, Chemicals and Plastic bottles forever and join the hydration revolution changing you and your family’s health with the gift of pure water.