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Our patented Pro Elite systems are the only drinking water system on the market that can remove 99{eba993b4cbd3e36f7a9d9c70fbe9fba3889f5ef8d7f5a52cda53356c86678ad0} of all contaminants and Ionises your water in the same process. We do this by the proven filtration process of reverse osmosis for removal of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and inorganic minerals present in your water. And then finally before drinking the water passes through our Triple vortex Technology which Ionises, oxygenates and revitalises your drinking water.


We are the only company to have achieved high levels of water efficiency in our domestic systems. Our RO process achieves 2:1 production ratio compared with 4:1 of standard RO systems. Other RO systems use basic mechanical valves resulting in lower levels of water efficiency. Our PRO ELITE systems equipment is unique; it has an internal storage tank with no back pressure. This means it fills its 3ltr storage tank in under 15 minutes compared with an external pressure vessel on a standard RO system that can take up to 1.5hrs to fill at a ratio of 4:1. Our Pro Elite systems have an intelligent management system that minimises water usage and maximises purity.

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