Should you have Minerals in your water ?


Inorganic Versus Organic Minerals

There are two kinds of chemicals, inorganic and organic. The inorganic chemicals like chlorine, alum and sodium fluoride cannot be utilized in a healthy way by the living tissues of the body. Our body chemistry is composed of 19 organic minerals, which must come from a living source or one that was once alive. When we eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable, that substance is composed of living organic minerals. It has a certain length of life after being gathered from the earth, vine or tree. The same goes for animal foods.

Organic minerals are vitally important in keeping us alive and healthy! If we were cast away on a barren, uninhabited island where nothing was growing, we would slowly starve to death. Even though the soil beneath our feet contains 16 inorganic minerals, our bodies cannot absorb them efficiently enough to sustain life. Only a living plant’s roots has the power to extract inorganic minerals from the earth and to transform them into useful organic foods to nourish our miracle working bodies.

Humans do not have the same chemistry as plants. Only living plants can convert an inorganic mineral into an organic mineral. As you read here, you will learn what harm inorganic minerals can do to your body and brain.


What minerals do we recommend?

To hydrate at a cellular level, we need more than just pure water, we need Sodium, Potassium and magnesium to hydrate properly. If you are mineral deficient water cannot get into your cell and you will require the toilet quite often. When you take minerals in ionic bioavailable form in your drinking water you are giving your body what it needs at a cell level. For proper hydration and to create a mineral efficient environment. We only recommend the best quality products to our customers and Mineral Resource Internationals elete Electrolyte minerals is a product we have been using ourselves for over 10 years now and it is among the best ionic minerals on the market.



About elete Electrolytes

MRI’s Electrolyte Blend is an innovative, standardized, balanced electrolyte concentrate that can be added to your water.  

Of the 92 minerals your body comprises of elete Electrolytes have all the major electrolytes Magnesium, Chloride, Potassium, Sodium and Sulphate and over 60 other ionic trace minerals


Specifically formulated and designed to provide optimal potencies of essential electrolytes in a palatable form. As a balanced electrolyte formula, it is designed to support hydration, help regulate fluid balance, assist in the conversion of calories into active energy, support proper muscle function and endurance, and aid recovery. *




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