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Meet Simon Newell



It all started when…

I was 19 when I was first introduced to the Idea of purified filtered water. It was 2002 and the whole area of water filtration in people’s homes was in the very early stages (unheard of really). This was way before the marketing genius of The Brita jug or the Cryptosporidium outbreak in Galway in 2006. That was the first event to lift the lid on just how polluted Irish tap water really was in this rain drenched little island.

I had been working on motorways and building sites driving heavy machinery for the past 3.5 years. But all this time I had a huge interest and passion for natural health. At a meeting in a hotel at Dublin airport one Saturday I was introduced to the idea of Reverse Osmosis a water filtration system that would take your water back to pure H2O no matter what state it was in. I was blown away by the capabilities of what this system could do to ordinary tap water. It could take it from something that was toxic and smelly and bring it right back to its natural state of pure H20. Simply by squeezing it through small pores 1000 times smaller than a strand of hair.

In a time when cancer and disease was effecting around 1 in 3 people I wanted to go out and tell the country that I had a different way to consume water that wouldn’t jeopardise your health. My simple view was that we are a natural being made up of 65-80{eba993b4cbd3e36f7a9d9c70fbe9fba3889f5ef8d7f5a52cda53356c86678ad0} water depending on how hydrated or dehydrated you are and that if you are replacing that water every day with water that is loaded with man-made chemicals and heavy metals it is going to have an effect somewhere down the line as it is going against nature. A hydrated body is a healthy body and disease gets it hard to thrive. This is where my passion came from.

I was all fired up and started going around Ireland showing people (anyone who would listen) how they could achieve pure water at their kitchen sink for cooking, drinking, washing veg, boiling the kettle etc. There would be no more buying bottled water or chlorine enriched water.

So here we are 15 years down the road and Irish water dropped a big bombshell on RTE’s Prime time programme in the early part of 2017. That ¼ of all homes in Ireland (400,000) are effected with a cancer causing chemical THMs which is a by product of putting too much of another chemical into the water.
So really nothing has changed and as I advised back then “ Buy the Filter don’t be the Filter”

I still have the same message for you today as I did back 15 years ago. Prevention is better than the cure. Take control of your own health and start by enjoying the gift of pure clean healthy water at your kitchen sink.

If you click on the link below you will see me on RTE demonstrating our new pro elite 1 system. I have put all my experience and passion of the last 15 years into the design of this product. In my opinion it is the most advanced and affordable Reverse Osmosis system on the market at less than the price of a bottle of water per week. And I would love for you to have it today.

Thank you.

Simon Newell.
Founder of Renewell Water



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