Pro Elite 2

Pro Elite 2

The ELITE 2 water purifier gives you pure water on tap 24/7.

Guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THMS, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E-Coli, Chloroforms, Iron, Manganese, Plastic Microfibres, Trace Pharmaceuticals and much more!

Includes: 24hr Water quality reading & 24hr leak sensor.

Can be connected to tri-flow tap and American style fridges.

    1. It is installed directly under your sink giving you as much pure water on a separate Leadfree tap at your kitchen sink as you need.
    2. It removes Chemicals like, Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals, Fluoride, THMs, Pesticides/Herbicides, Cryptosporidium, Cysts, Aluminium and much more.
    3. No more buying bottled water
    4. Wash veggies and fruit in clean water
    5. Uses the same reverse osmosis technology that desalinates seawater into drinking water in hot countries
    6. Filter cartridges are easy twist change allowing for self-servicing
    7. Has 5 stages of filtration
    • Built in microcomputer for control, monitoring, service interval, diaphragm rinsing and pressure switch regulation.
    • Lowest water consumption of any reverse osmosis system due to
      computerised control system and self-priming as well as electronically
      controlled pump.
    • Automatic flushing membrane rinsing before and after production. Water savings compared to conventional systems up to 80%.
    • LCD display with following displays: production, lack of water supply, service / filter change, leakage, membrane rinsing and TDS (water quality) in real time.
    • Case made with stainless steel frame and high-quality workmanship and
    • High-quality lead/metal-free faucet with inner lining, so that the purified water remains free of heavy metals.
    • Including AQUA-STOP leaking sensor for maximum safety. Automatic water shutdown in case of failure. Signal by LED and warning alarm.
    • CE, FDA certified. NSF certified hoses, connectors, membranes and tank.
      Durable and high-quality Quick-Filter and Quick-Membranes. Highest quality assured.

    1st stage:
    SEDIMENT FILTER ST-05: Prefilter consisting of PP (polypropylene) with a size of 0.005 of a micron. It Removes sediments, rust, asbestos, large solids and other major residues. Filter change every 12 months.
    2nd Stage:
    CARBON BLOCK FILTER ST-CTO: Prefilter consisting of a high-quality activated carbon block filter (CTO). Safely restores chlorine, chemicals and other harmful organic compounds and protects the membrane. Filter change every 12 months.
    3rd Stage:
    SEDIMENT FILTER ST-01: Pre-filter consisting of PP (polypropylene) with a size of 0.001 of a micron. It removes dirt, sand and sediments. Filter change every 12 months
    4th stage:
    TFC RO MEMBRANE ST-RO 50 TFC RO 50 Membrane for molecular filtration. Removes impurities larger than
    0.0001 μm, such as heavy metals, uranium, hormones, harmful chemicals, as well as organic and inorganic compounds. Thanks to a pressure-regulating pump, a rejection rate of up to 99% is achieved. Membrane change every 12-24 months, depending on the quality of water input, pressure and temperature.
    5th stage:
    CARBON-FILTER ST-34 flavouring filter. With burnt coconut shell (GAC), the taste and smell of the purified water is neutralized and optimized. Absorbs residual chemicals that may still be present. Filter change every 12 months

If you do not want to have our separate tap, you can choose to get one of the three-flow taps below:


  1. What happens once you decide to become a Renewell Water customer?
  2. Does the system need to be serviced?

    Yes, we recommend the system to be serviced every 12 months.

  3. How much is Renewell Water’s annual service?

    €149 or €12.50per month. Incs: All filters, sanitise, and done for you 5* service.

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