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Hydrogen Water(H2)

Introducing our Elite H2 Water system.



“Harness the life changing benefits of H2 nature’s most powerful healing molecule”

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is quite possibly the most revolutionary wellness breakthrough in recent history.

And here at Renewell Water, we’ve harnessed the power of H2 like never before.

One of the building blocks of life.

Hydrogen is one of the oldest and most abundant molecules in the universe…. But did you know it may have the power to benefit every cell in your body.

Overwhelming scientific evidence

Over 600+ peer- reviewed studies and scientific articles support the therapeutic effects of H2.

Benefits for over 170 diseases

The benefits of H2 have been noted in over 600+ peer- reviewed, scientific studies and articles. These studies show evidence that H2 may have strong potential benefits within the whole body for over 170 diseases. 


10 ways H2 can promote wellness and enhance your performance.

1.   H2 is a selective antioxidant, scavenging only the most toxic free radicals while avoiding those which are essential to the body.

2.   H2 reduces excessive oxidative stress, which is the precursor for most ailments.

3.   H2 can easily penetrate any cell, neutralizing certain intracellular free radicals that most other antioxidants are unable to reach.

4.   H2 activates the NRF2 pathway, the body’s most powerful antioxidant self defence system.

5.   H2 can easily cross the blood brain barrier and enter neurons to effectively combat brain inflammation and other diseases.

6.   H2 is 430 times stronger than CoEnzymeQ10 as an antioxidant and it effects every organ of your body..

7.       H2 encourages the growth of beneficial Gut Flora.

8.      H2 improves healing of Parkinson’s. (Yuritaka 2013)

9.       H2 improves the quality of life of cancer patients receiving Radiation therapy. (Cancer studies on humans)

10.   H2 is present in all processes of the body.


The safest therapy ever.

100{eba993b4cbd3e36f7a9d9c70fbe9fba3889f5ef8d7f5a52cda53356c86678ad0} safe and non-toxic

H2’s possible therapeutic power combined with its perfect safety profile makes incorporating it into your life an absolute essential.

100{eba993b4cbd3e36f7a9d9c70fbe9fba3889f5ef8d7f5a52cda53356c86678ad0} Natural and the first element on the periodic table.

Hydrogen is everywhere, and in fact it’s one of the most important molecules of life itself. The body is perfectly primed to utilize H2 for maximum benefit.

Absolutely no side effects.

Rest assured that consuming hydrogen rich water from our Elite H2 system doesn’t come with any side effects.

Wide ranging health benefits.

Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are closely linked to premature ageing, fatigue, obesity, and chronic disease… But considering H2’s unrivaled ability to neutralize these primary sources of illness we may finally have the key to optimal health.


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For further information check www.molecularhygrogenfoundation.org