Aquabion Water Conditioner

Pro Elite 3

“Aquabion is the eco-friendly salt-free water treatment for tackling Limescale.”


From Germany, AQUABION® has over 10 years of testimonials and University endorsements, is easy to install and works using sacrificial Zinc anodes, neutralising limescale so it doesn’t calcify on heating elements, pipe work or appliances, preventing expensive repairs and replacements. Guaranteed for 5 years and with an average lifespan of 7/8 years, AQUABION® requires NO MAINTENANCE over its lifetime! It’s safe to drink water treated through an AQUABION® – no salt is used.

    • Therapeutic health benefits for over 175 different diseases.
    • Compact and very small size.
    • Flow shut off in case of a water shortage.
    • Appealing design of the device and the supply tap.
    • H2 diffusion technology by overpressure and bubble miniaturisation.
    • Cushions extreme ph.’s.
    • High quality plates and electrolysis membrane providing a long durability without corrosion or scaling
  • Two installation options:
    – Counter top.
    – Under the sink with a tap.
  • It is very powerful, so it has to be fed with water from a reverse osmosis equipment
  • Continuous, instant and unlimited production: no waiting or water shortage.
  • Proprietary design: high concentrations of hydrogen between -700mV and -1,600MV, in function of the quality of water.
  • Free from ozone and other oxidants thanks to the PEM membrane system.

H2’s possible therapeutic power combined with its perfect safety profile makes incorporating it into your life an absolute no-brainer.

Hydrogen is everywhere, and in fact, it’s one of the most important molecules to life itself. The body is perfectly primed to utilize H2 for maximum benefit.

Rest easy knowing that consuming H2 doesn’t come with any negative side effects. You won’t find any fine print or terrifying disclaimers here.

You’ll never have to worry about overdoing your H2. Your body will always use only what it needs and expel any excess H2 through your breath.

There are many different technologies that many different manufacturers use to try and create the elusive non-adhering lime. However, Zinc has always been preferred. The BIG problem has always been fouling. Our patent is there to stop the fouling from happening.

The Aquabion uses a galvanic and electrolytic solution which is combined with our patented self-cleaning agitators. This means that the tiny amounts of zinc ions that are released react with the calcite ions to create non-adhering lime.
Domestic and industrial users get the same technology and are built to the same standard.